Word Cloud Explorer

Word clouds have emerged as a straightforward and visually appealing visualization method for text. They are used in various contexts as a means to provide an overview by distilling text down to those words that appear with highest frequency. However, they are used rather statically in most systems and typically provide only limited interaction capabilities.

The Word Cloud Explorer explores the possibilities of using word clouds at the very center of text analysis. It relies entirely on word clouds as a visualization method. It equips them with advanced natural language processing, intuitive interaction techniques, and context information. Flexible filter mechanism are combined with linguistic information to support the visual text analysis.

Watch the video and read the paper for more details on this approach.

Related Publication

Heimerl, F.; Lohmann, S.; Lange, S.; Ertl, T. (2014): Word Cloud Explorer: Text Analytics based on Word Clouds. Proceedings of the 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS '14), pp. 1833-1842. Washington, DC, USA: IEEE CS.